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Benefits of Adding an ATM in Your Bar

If you are a bar owner, you should consider adding an ATM to your bar. This will greatly convience both you and your customers. There are various benefits of adding an ATM in your bar and here are some of them :

Get more customers. People don’t like walking for long distances .When you don’t have an ATM in your bar, your customers will have to walk to a bank and may fail to come back. When you have an ATM in your bar, you will get more customers. Many people will choose your bar over others due to this important factor. More customers will in turn increase your profits and boost the success of your business.

Increased customer satisfaction. You want your customers to be always happy and satisfied with your bar. Adding an ATM to your bar will increase the satisfaction of your customers and you will have better reviews on your website ,a better rating and end up getting more customers .

Add your profits. When you have an ATM in your bar, you can set a convenience fee for cash withdrawal s. Although some of this money goes to the bank ,you are not left empty handed. Some of the money goes to you too. This will increase your profits since you are now not only earning money from the bar but also the ATM. Some people might even come to your bar just to withdraw money and not drink and add to your profits.

Encourage cash sales. There are times where your customers want to use cash to buy drinks but can’t since they don’t have it and have to go all the way to a bank to withdraw cash. When you put an ATM in your bar ,it gives your customers a chance to withdraw cash and the freedom to pay with cash. This will convenience them hugely. They can also play video games with the cash.

Peace of mind. When your drunk customers leave the bar to go look for an ATM, you tend to worry about them since they may meet some criminals on their way who could rob them of all their money and hurt them in the process. Having an ATM in your bar, reduces the chances of your drunk customers leaving the bar and getting attacked. One can just withdraw money from the ATM and call a cab to take him or her home hence giving you a peace of mind.

You can avoid credit card processing fees. Every time someone pays for something at the bar using a credit card ,there is some processing fee. The fee may seem like a tiny amount but it is not. When several customers pay with credit cards the total amount that it will cost you is high. You can avoid this by installing an ATM in your bar and encouraging people to pay in cash. There is no processing fee in cash and you will end up saving a lot of money.

You can now look for a company that sells or leases ATM machines. Choose one that you think is best for your bar in Toronto.

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